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st1:Street w:st=""on""> st1:address w:st=""on"">1616 N. Corrington Ave. /st1:address> /st1:Street>
st1:place w:st=""on""> st1:City w:st=""on"">Kansas City /st1:City>, st1:State w:st=""on"">MO /st1:State> st1:PostalCode w:st=""on"">64120 /st1:PostalCode> /st1:place>

Sales Contact: Jeannine Becerra / 800-906-6500 /
A href=""mailto:jsb@call-kc.com"">jsb@call-kc.com /A>

Customer Service: Jeannine Becerra / 888-234-2200 / A href=""mailto:jsb@call-kc.com"">jsb@call-kc.com /A>

 Technical Contact: Herb Myers / 816-231-4321 / A href=""mailto:support@call-kc.com"">support@call-kc.com /A>

We hope that the products you ordered meet your satisfaction. In the event you are unsatisfied please return your item within 30 days in its original condition for a refund or credit. All returns are at the customerís expense and must be accompanied by the original packing document. Shipping charges may only be refunded if the return is due to our error. Ship returns to: Midwest Embroidery 1515 Swift, Kansas City, MO 64116. Refunds are issued when the return is received and will appear on your credit card statement.