YES! You can count on me to help Pro-Life Nation to continue to expose abortion abuses around the nation because exposing the truth about the abortion cartelís unlawful and unsafe practices saves babies, closes abortion clinics and helps bring abortionists to justice through the legal process.

I also agree that the expansion of this data base through the publication of open records will help inform women of the dangers of abortion and will help change of the hearts and minds of the American people about abortion.

Therefore, here is my most sacrificial contribution - I'm not holding back! - for these projects and all your good works in the amount of...

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Because Prolife Nation is on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, we are viewed as "politically incorrect" by many government agencies. Therefore, donations to Prolife Nation are not tax-deductible. However, this allows us to speak our mind without fear of reprisals from the government. and that means your donations actually go farther in terms of exposing the abortion cartel and politicians who support the baby-killing industry.

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Thank You!